What five words best describe you?

Inspired, hardworking, loyal, down-to-earth and quirky

What’s the best lesson you’ve learn’t along the way?

For me I would have to say there are two to practice everyday! First to be kind to others and to follow your own true path (so easy to stray).

What’s been your best decision?

To be open to see what comes my way.

How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since?

Having always done something in design. From my first job as a graphic designer working in retail, in Wash., DC, to moving to NYC to work in both fashion and music. Then going to Los Angeles  to work for a studio creating product. So starts my passion for designing jewelry. Wanting to make it myself started taking classes at night locally. Now creating jewelry pieces from my studio in Los Angeles, combining my love of organic materials and craftsmanship into something that is timeless.

Who inspires you?

There are two jewelers that have made an impression on me. Ted Muehling and John Paul Miller

When you are home, what is your favorite room?

My dining room turned into my jewelry studio — can get lost in there for hours.

Name five of your favorite things that you live with daily.

Coffee, my chuck’s, flowers not always my favorites of peonies need to wait till they are in season, my two necklaces that I wear daily mammoth beads and totem pendant, and my dog (which pass away this past summer but currently looking for a new lab).