Poster Art


South by Southwest sets the scene at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, by Rock

Mondo Gallery had a show titled Nothing’s Impossible during South by Southwest. Having various artists showing the darkside of some Disney classics. The poster I added to my art collection was Walt Disney’s Fantasia by Jeff Soto. This beautiful 8 color silk-screened poster was available this week in a small edition — am so excited that I managed to get one. Trying to limit myself to one new a year, going to be hard.

Spring Blooms


Spring Blooms

This spring season all of my orchids are blooming. All four of my Trader Joes orchids are blooming again, this is the third time. For me it is shocking that they bloomed again. They sit in my kitchen window and every winter the conditions seem to be right that they come to life. To me orchids seem to be magical, exotic—coming from far away lands not my kitchen window in the San Fernando Valley.



In this digital age—where our phone can do just about everything for us, I still love paper. I still get my magazines every month and my Moleskines every year. I write out my calendar in my day @ a glance, using it to keep track of my hours, appointments and spending. But my favorite thing about paper is making my lists (things to do) and when each task is done—I put a big black stroke through it knowing it is done. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

Monsanto Gardens at FEM SLAM in Newhall, CA this Thursday

Monsanto Gardens is going to FEM SLAM in Newhall, CA this Thursday. Here are the details:

What: FEM SLAM the kickoff event for 2nd Thursday Events in Newall
Where: 24263 Main Street, Old Town Newhall, CA 91321
When: Thursday, March 6, 7-10PM
Parking: Market Street and 6th Street

Thursdays at Newhall is back for 2014. This year’s series of arts and entertainment events kicks off with an Art SLAM that celebrates the work of female artists.

Thursdays at Newhall returns in March, with evening events like the Farmer’s Market, SENSES and the Art SLAM that bring art and entertainment to Main Street in Old Town Newhall.

For more info, go to




Join the Great March for Climate Action this Saturday!

Great-March-for-Climate-Flyer-v2With me, Pierre the papier-mâché polar bear. Thanks to Jessica Aldridge, the executive director of the Burbank Green Alliance, I have been adopted as the mascot for the Great March for Climate Action starting in LA. See me on stage at the rally and follow me on the 17 mile trek Saturday, March 1. I am truly honored to be able to serve in this capacity in the company of the Sierra Club, the So Cal Climate Action Coalition 350, LAVC Eco Advocates, and many, many more people. Join the march, sing the song, and celebrate with us. Rain or shine. We will prevail.

Here I am going to the meeting and hobnobbing with some green celebs.

pb7pb14_webHere I am with James Waterhouse from Citizens Climate Lobby
pb12_webHere I am with Gabriela Sosa.

More about my story in upcoming blog entries.

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s 80 degrees and sunny this Valentine’s Day in LA. For those of you stuck in the Polar Vortex, my heart goes out to you. It is blue and covered with spines, but I’ll take it over the alternative. With permission from the horse ranch at Beechwood Canyon, I lugged home a chunk of “Big Blue” and stuck it in the ground four years ago. This opuntia is a bit of a thug, but it does reward me with heart-shaped pads every so often and yellow flowers in the spring.

New England winter does have its charms. If you are within striking distance of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA, strap on a pair of cross-country skies and check out Two Big Black Hearts by Jim Dine.

The Scoutie Series—2

ScoutieSeries2by Bonnie Lambert

A Painting of Walking Scout in South Pasadena

This piece will have multiple layers of color and light—the street and sidewalk shimmer in my reference photo. If I can bring that off, the work will pop with life.

Having Scout in the lower left  makes me smile. He adds his own layer of excitement and energy to the scene.

I need a deadline. A quickly-approaching wall gets my adrenaline flowing and forces me to not over think. I’m already on the lookout for a gallery show some time this Spring or early Summer for my new paintings, and am confident something will turn up even if I have to make my own opportunity.

OK…a deadline… How about the end of March to complete this series of four Scoutie paintings? Sounds doable. End of March deadline it is. You are my witnesses.

Will be back at you next week.

The Scoutie Series—1


Scout, Walking in South Pasadena

by Bonnie Lambert

I’m crazy about my rescue dog, Scout. He was on the street for three and a half years; he’s been in our family for a bit over three. He’s my companion as I photograph the sunrises and sunsets in our Burbank neighborhood and beyond. These photos are my inspiration for oil paintings.

The last few months, Scout has been insinuating himself into my photographs, so I decided to start the “Scoutie Series” of paintings. And I’m going BIG. 30×40, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. OK…not huge, but bigger than the 5x5s I’ve enjoyed doing in the last few months prepping for the holiday gift-giving season.

Have given the first layer of oils to the first painting in the series (at left), which is based on a photo taken while we strolled in South Pasadena at twilight in the late fall last year.

More to come as the oil painting evolves.

Nude Swim

NudeSwimNude Swim launched my career in papier-mâché . Freed from the demands of a difficult work-a-day job, I felt light as a feather and compelled to create. What emerged was a series of voluptuous nudes swimming through my “underwater” cactus garden. The title refers to a now-defunct practice called Nude Swim, which happened to be on Wednesday nights at the YWCA in Cambridge, MA. Because it was all women, nude swiming was deemed OK, at least once a week. A friend of mine used to participate and said it was a little weird seeing these big boobs coming at her through her goggles. I don’t think Nude Swim exists any more. Pity. Nothing is more liberating than swimming nude without having to feel naked. The nudes themselves are reminiscent of fertility goddesses at play.





Laughing Pig Flowers Bring Joy to the World

Welcome to Monsanto Gardens

At long last, the Laughing Pig Flowers have arrived! Together with Pignome and Bumble Pig, they represent an uber-race of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) developed by Monsanto Gardens with the express purpose of bringing joy to the world. Like all Monsanto products, Laughing Pig Flowers are RoundUp Ready. Just pour RoundUp from the handy-dandy RoundUp Watering Can to eliminate all other life forms except organisms patented by Monsanto.

In the upcoming weeks, we will introduce you to the individual members of the Laughing Pig Flower first family. For now, here are the basics:

Name: Laughing Pig Flower (Porcinaflora humorosa)*

Flower: everblooming

Height: 3-6 feet

Zone: indoors

Sun: none

Water: none

*Patent Pending

While no where near as astounding as a drift of pig flowers, scientists in China have developed glow-in-the-dark pigs. If you don’t believe me, click here for a peak.