Arroyo Arts Collective at Heritage Square

By Sarah Hage
AAC-Heritage Square 2014
This Sunday, June 1st is the opening for the Arroyo Arts Collective at Heritage Square in Highland Park. If you have never been there, this is a rare treat in LA. Maybe you’ve seen the string of perfectly restored Victorian homes from the 110 freeway and wondered, “What the heck?” Usually, you have to pay admission to stroll the avenue that defies the time/space continuum. This Sunday, admission is free, and what a grand place it is. The white house on the left as you enter the avenue is as gracious on the inside as out and the walls will be filled with art. If you can’t make it to the opening, no worries. It will be open on the weekends throughout June. I’ll be there on closing day from 2-4pm. I have two pieces in the show. Hope you can make it.

As an added bonus, the Lummis House will be hosting its annual outdoor arts and crafts show just a hop, skip, and a jump on the other side of the 110 on June 1st as well.

Heritage Square Museum is located at 3800 Homer Street in Los Angeles off the 110 Fwy, 10 minutes Northeast of Downtown.

Vegan Deer Skull 2

Vegan Deer Skull 2


Monsanto Gardens at the March in Van Nuys Saturday, May 24


Monsanto Gardens will be at the March in Van Nuys Saturday, May 24th from 1-3:30PM for the RoundUp preceding the March Against Monsanto.

Saturday, May 24, 2014 – 6262 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys
Join us, bring family, neighbors and friends

Rally starts at 1:00pm – Van Nuys Civic Center at the Ernani Bernardi Plaza
located on the back of Van Nuys City Hall
We’ll have entertainment, speakers, art, etc.
March starts at 3:00pm, from the Plaza going north on Van Nuys Blvd to
Sherman Way – Please help us keep the streets clean.

March against Monsanto is a GLOBAL CALL TO ACTION to inform the public,
question long term health risks of genetically engineered foods,
and to demand that these foods be labeled to let consumers make
informed decisions. We have the right to know what we are eating!

Spread the word on Facebook and other social media
On the left side click on “My events” – On the right see the Calendar, click on “24”
Then about the third post is The March Against Monsanto in Van Nuys
Then click on “Going” – After that click “Invite friends”
Thanks, you are helping us to have a successful March!

You Can Bring Signs, Posters, Banners, Props! Be creative!
Cameras, Phones & Recording Devices
RSVP today and Share!

Volunteer! If you would like to help please contact:
Isabel Charleston at

Musical by Rob Herring


Monsanto Gardens goes to Worldfest

By Sarah Hage
The laughing pig flowers and the ever-expanding family of pig-plant hybrids of Monsanto Gardens will be on Art Avenue at Worldfest this Sunday, May 18th from 10:30AM to 7:00PM. You’ll also see my artwork throughout the park because I helped Sarah Audet with the decorations.

WorldFest is located 6350 Woodley Avenue in Lake Balboa (Encino) (between Victory and Burbank Boulevards). For a map and parking information, click here.

Garcia Artists’ Salon, May 10

Garcia Artist's SalonBonnie Lambert, Sarah Hage and 12 other artists who have studied oil painting with renowned artist Margaret Garcia will be displaying their art at her studio in Highland Park this weekend. This is your chance to meet the artists and their collectors in one place. If you come on Saturday, you can visit other galleries on NELA Art Gallery Night.

Pigplants have a secret

By Sarah Hage
pp1 secret
Two Pigplants (Solanum meloporcina)* have joined the ranks of porcine-vegetable hybrids at Monsanto Gardens. They seem to be sharing a secret. We’ll never know. Like all Monsanto Gardens products, the joke’s on us!

*patent pending

Pourquoi Pig?

By Sarah Hage

Margaret Atwood and I are not on speaking terms. This is not because we had a falling out, but because she doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall. I read a few of her novels in the past and was delighted when one of the ebooks I put on hold became available for download from the Los Angeles Public Library (god, how I love ya). Without knowing anything about Oryx and Crake, I nearly choked on a GMO corn chip a few pages in when I discovered that the novel is set in a post-apocalyptic world wrought by genetic engineering. And wouldn’t you know, the signature GMO creature is a pigoon…a pig-baboon hybrid hat grows extra livers and other valuable organs for human use. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I have a feeling that it doesn’t turn out well.

Pig Ignorance

In a split second of overweening pride, I thought perhaps Ms. Atwood had seen one of my pig flowers. This idea turned out to be not only ridiculous, but impossible because the book was published in 2003 and my first generation of pig flowers did not crop up until 2007. Not to mention that pigs figure prominently in such dystopian literary classics as Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.

Pourquoi Pig?

Humans seem to have a complicated relationship with pigs. Who can resist Porky, Wilbur, or Babe? Even the Geico pig has his charms, crying wheeeee! all the way home. At the same time, many of us find pigs delicious (mmmm….bacon). Not only do we eat them, we also harvest their body parts: some humans have pig valves in their hearts. One person who came to my Monsanto Gardens exhibit said that he had pig tendons in his arms. Whereas some mystery meats taste like chicken, cannibals report that people taste like pork (hence the term “long pig”). Perhaps this is at the root of why much of the world’s population eschews all pig products, making them the perfect symbol for GMO products…appealing on the outside, but inside, they just aren’t kosher.

One pigtato, two pigtato…

By Sarah Hage
One pigtato, two pigtato, three pigtato, four….six in all so far. After the smashing success of the pigmato, Monsanto Gardens has added pigtatoes to its selection of genetically modified flowers, fruits and vegetables. This Burbank Adjacent pigtato* is far superior to Monsanto’s New Leaf potato rejected by MacDonalds. It is full-flavored with attitude, and like all Monsanto Gardens products, it is RoundUp Ready and rarin to go.





Deep Roots–Artistic Expressions of Earth Month

By Sarah Hage
Join me and a collection of very talented artists for Deep Roots–Artistic Expressions of Earth Month this Friday from 6-9 PM at the historic Pico House on Olvera Street in downtown LA. This is not a tree will stand in a forest of artistic imagination. I can’t wait to lose myself in it.

I love you California!

By Sarah Hage
stateFlagSpring is in the air and in my step…it’s amazing what a little rain will do. The white crowned sparrows are singing in the trees and the bees are buzzing in all the native California plants.

Ever since I saw the Jeep ad, I can’t stop singing “I Love You California!” Turns out, it’s not only a very catchy tune (in a 1920s sort of way), it is the state song. I didn’t even know that states had songs until I stumbled upon a display at Mission San Fernando. I knew that the state bird was the California Quail (very cute with its dangling topknot feather), and the state flower is the California Poppy. I figured that the grizzly bear was the California mammal since he occupies a large portion of the state flag, but I had no idea that the California Dog face Butterfly was the state insect or that there was such a thing as a state marine mammal (the gray whale) or a state reptile (the desert tortoise).

desertTortoise 06256-southern-dogface californiastatebird1

For grand displays of native California plants and the insects who love them, check out the Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour this weekend. For the first time, artists will be displaying installations in some of the gardens on the tour. Other local venues with native gardens are the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (also home of the Jeffersonian pictured on the TV series “Bones”), Descanso Gardens in Flintridge, and the Arboretum in Acadia.

If the spirit moves you, jump in a Jeep and head out to the Antelope Valley to see California in all its native glory.

Singing helps:

I love you, California, you’re the greatest state of all.
I love you in the winter, summer, spring and in the fall.
I love your fertile valleys; your dear mountains I adore.
I love your grand old ocean and I love her rugged shore.




By Sarah Hage–Join us for Pigmatomania! Monsanto Gardens introduces the latest addition to its uber-race of genetically modified organisms–the Pigmato. Two new pigmato varietals have rolled into the market: Burly Girl* and Pig Boy*, which are vast improvements over the non-genetically modified tomatoes acquired by Monsanto Gardens: Early Girl and Big Boy. Just slide lettuce, mayo, and slices of one of our Porksteak tomatoes between two pieces of bread and you have the ultimate BLT. No bacon necessary. Like all of Monsanto Gardens products, pigmatoes are RoundUp Ready and perfectly safe.

*Patent pending


Common Name: Pigmato
Botanical Name: Solanum lycoporcina “Burly Girl” and “Pig Boy”
Zone: Indoors
Freshness: Everlasting

Check out the first GMO tomato.

Check out the new purple tomato made by splicing a snapdragon gene to a tomato.

For those of you who insist upon non-GMO tomato plants, go to Tomatomania in Encino this Friday-Sunday.

If you live in the polar vortex, you can start tomato seeds from these non-GMO sources:
Seeds of Change
Victory Seeds

Or just buy them:

More about GMOs:
The Bad Seed
Cornucopia Institute
Food and Water Watch