ScoutieSeries2by Bonnie Lambert

A Painting of Walking Scout in South Pasadena

This piece will have multiple layers of color and light—the street and sidewalk shimmer in my reference photo. If I can bring that off, the work will pop with life.

Having Scout in the lower left  makes me smile. He adds his own layer of excitement and energy to the scene.

I need a deadline. A quickly-approaching wall gets my adrenaline flowing and forces me to not over think. I’m already on the lookout for a gallery show some time this Spring or early Summer for my new paintings, and am confident something will turn up even if I have to make my own opportunity.

OK…a deadline… How about the end of March to complete this series of four Scoutie paintings? Sounds doable. End of March deadline it is. You are my witnesses.

Will be back at you next week.