Scout, Walking in South Pasadena

by Bonnie Lambert

I’m crazy about my rescue dog, Scout. He was on the street for three and a half years; he’s been in our family for a bit over three. He’s my companion as I photograph the sunrises and sunsets in our Burbank neighborhood and beyond. These photos are my inspiration for oil paintings.

The last few months, Scout has been insinuating himself into my photographs, so I decided to start the “Scoutie Series” of paintings. And I’m going BIG. 30×40, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. OK…not huge, but bigger than the 5x5s I’ve enjoyed doing in the last few months prepping for the holiday gift-giving season.

Have given the first layer of oils to the first painting in the series (at left), which is based on a photo taken while we strolled in South Pasadena at twilight in the late fall last year.

More to come as the oil painting evolves.