Week2_dA-9-23-13This piece is for an exhibit opening Saturday, October 12 at the dA Center for the Arts (daartcenter.org) in Pomona. “Independence Day” must be finished in about 10 days.

Started working on it around noon and hit a wall. I just couldn’t see what I needed to see in my reference photo. I knew the problem: busy brain…a morning listening to phone calls from stressed people. I put down my brush, harnessed up the pup, hopped in the car and drove to Betty Davis Park, a couple miles down the road. After a half hour surrounded by peaceful California beauty, I went back to my studio and easily slid into “Independence Day.”

At this point the painting might not make sense to you. In a week, palm trees stretching into the sky will form a frame around the sides. And there are bright highlights behind the groups of people at the bottom. Those are the last details to be added. Wisdom from a great teacher: The first thing you see is the last thing you paint.