Con Safos—a Chicano term that literally means “with respect.” This is the theme of the dA Center for the Arts October 2013 Exhibit  ( It refers to the intercultural understanding and respect artists in the region share with each other in describing their sense of place.

I’ve been invited to exhibit in Con Safos and am painting a new piece (24×18). Have less than two weeks to finish.

Week1_dAzz-9:16:13My reference photo was taken this year on July 4 at the shoreline in Long Beach. Clusters of families and friends celebrating the holiday and waiting for sundown and the big light show to begin. In the meantime, they set off their own fireworks.

The painting so far…

In the background, the sky is almost there. Have roughly blocked in the foreground crowds. The middle ground in the photo is so vibrant and detailed. At this point in my painting you don’t get a hint of that. But just wait. The last thing I’ll do is set off  fireworks with my brush!