by Bonnie Lambert

After I painted for a couple hours last night, Adams Hill announced itself “DONE.” The final step in the process, which never ends, is looking at the painting. I always learn almost as much meditating on the work as when I have a brush in my hands.

Adams Hill will show for the first time at Fremont Gallery Fine Art ( “Luminous City—The Artworks of Three Modern Fauvists” opens Saturday, September 14 (artists’ reception 6-9pm) and runs through September 30. Besides Adams, I have 9 other new works in the show, including Colossus (below). I hope you can attend.Colossus_40x30_180dpi

If you’ve been following Countdown, thank you very much! For me, it’s been invaluable seeing the week-by-week progress of a painting.

Watch for another Countdown blog soon!