06_AdamsHill_8-13-13Adams Hill and I have been on a journey for 6 weeks now, and I’m finally glimpsing the destination. My intentions: don’t hurry; keep that instinct for adventure and sense of wonder; and listen to the painting—I’m driving but it’s navigating.

I added lots of detail to the street. So much for patience—couldn’t WAIT to get those little cars on the road! But as the rest of the painting comes into focus, I’m sure adjustments will be necessary.

Made the skyline shapes more defined. I’m certain that one of the last things I’ll have to do is glaze atmosphere over of the skyscrapers.…sunset pinks, golds and oranges.

Also mapped out additional shapes in the middle ground. This center third is my biggest challenge—the reference photo shows lots of detail, but I think I should keep this street-to-downtown transition simple and loose. Best advice to myself? Let Adams Hill show the way.