by Bonnie Lambert

05_AdamsHill_8-6-13Had my fifth session working on Adams Hill this past week. Painted for 3 hours.

The city skyline is a bit more defined.

The street is starting to have a sense of dark and light. Saving the juicy highlights for last.

I’m loving the little cars! The only elements in the painting that say, “People.” Added a bit of definition to several of them: rounded rectangles, highlights, shadows, tail lights and headlights to come—Bingo. Cars!

For the middle of the canvas, this week I finally understood how to convey the essence of what I’m looking at in my reference photo. This has taken almost 5 sessions. I wonder if there’s a way to speed up this “seeing”? Or is it that, after whatever time it needs, the painting takes on a life of its own and leads me where it wants to go?

I’m thinking too much. Nike nailed it: Just do it.