Lambert_OrangePlaza_30x24_72_SOLDHere is my first sunset painting, from late 2010…Orange Plaza. I never get tired of sunsets. They are my muse.

Week 4.

04_AdamsHill_7-30-13I’ve spent 5 hours or so over the course of 3 sessions painting Adams Hill (3 ft x 5 ft). It’s three weeks plus a week of drying time until my end-of-August deadline. That might sound leisurely, but I’m simultaneously painting 8 other pieces and would like to complete a couple more.

All of these paintings and I have become a team. I work on them in rotation, one at a time, and each influences the others.

Adams Hill is based on my own photo. This past week I blocked in cars and made a first pass at representing the farthest distance—multiple faint ranges of mountains and the skyline. The top third will eventually feel like a mirage.

It was a challenge seeing where to begin in the middle ground, just below the skyline. My reference photo shows lots of contrast—dark shadows, orange highlights, greens, violets, yellows, blues. I was hypnotized by the brights! This week I finally saw that, at its simplest, the middle transitions from dark to light as it moves towards downtown. The first colors that I see in my photo should be the last ones that I paint.

I’ve enjoyed taking my sweet time and playing with layers of color. This coming week I pick up the pace.


Friends forwarded me a couple of great websites for anyone wanting to bump up their creativity:
I especially enjoyed the John Singer Sargent article.
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