EarnestOwl2_smAlthough he stands at attention in all his finery, Earnest Owl serves no earthly function other than to make you smile. He so desparately wants to help. You can see it in his eyes, which seem to say “Please, tell me I’m good.”

Owls are irresitable. We humans seem to project all our emotions onto their expressive faces, whether it be mystery, melancholy, intelligence, or in the case of Earnest, insecurity. Plus, they are just plain cute. It must be the big head and eyes that triggers that baby response in us.

Earnest is the most recent addtion in a line of owls that started with a commission simply called “Owl”, who has owlish glass eyes. A pair of barn owls settled into a good home this winter and last month, Officious Owl crossed the pond to live with a lovely couple in quaint village outside London. (Seems fitting for all those Harry Potter fans.) I don’t think I’ll ever get over my owl obsession. I would love for them all to leave the nest to make room for more owls.

3Owls EarnestAll_sm

Check out a master owl maker, Ann Woods, who constructs her creations from vintage fabrics. Her owls are *all* attitude. Ann was included in a fabulous book called The New Artisans, which highlights artistic work from crafts people around the world.