Spring Cleaning

Nothings Ever Easy – Spring Cleaning

Why is it that nothing is ever easy—have four white Ikea bookcases in my office and decided it was time to go and get the extensions for the bookcases. Never thinking they would have changed, granted I don’t blame Ikea my bookcases are like 14 years old. This week went and got the extensions brought them home four of them, put one of them together. All excited cleaned off the top of the first bookcase and go to top it off only to find they don’t match. The new version of the bookcase is two inches wider, so now the dilemma return and no extensions (not the plan) or get new bookcases. So after a week of weighting all the options—decided it was time to refresh the office onto new bookcases. Design wise always loved when color is put on the inside of bookcases but I had found this fun wallpaper so now I’m going to wallpaper the inside of my bookcases. As always for me a little project becomes a big one. So starts my spring cleaning.