Almost 20 years ago I cut a small photo out of the LA Times of a group of women awaiting the arrival of the caskets of men killed in war. I was struck by the range of deep emotion expressed on each individual woman’s face and body language, and by the perfect composition. A brilliantly captured moment of profound truth.  The small  photo has lived on my refrigerator door for a long time, slowly curling and turning yellow. I looked at it every day and thought about these women. A couple weeks ago I got a request to participate in a gallery show at Casa 0101 in Boyle Heights. The concept for the show is The Culture of Communication—how people express, translate, misinterpret and see themselves as part of a larger community. OK, I thought. Time for me to interpret this photo. Decided to paint the women in oil pastels—their expressions are key and, for me, this means lots of layers. No time to do the grouping in oil paint. I thought of each woman as I worked to capture the sorrow, disbelief, anger, shock and resignation. I hope that, 20 years after the photo was taken, each woman has found peace. Here is “Waiting.” Oil pastels on canvas, 18×24.Waiting