Rock Paper Paint invites you to stroll through Our Altered Landscape, an installation created by three artists from three different disciplines. The insect level is described in fine jewelry; the big sky view is defined by sweeping oil paintings; and the middle ground is defined by groves of papier-mâché trees that unite earth and sky. Upon closer examination, all is not what it first seems. The installation depicts a world changed by human hands from the air we breathe down to the molecular level. It also represents a conversation among three artists wrestling with issues of conservation, environment and beauty in the world as they see it today.

Rock: I’m looking at lots of insects some of them are disgusting, gross but vital to our environment—so as we affect things—we are recreating insects into the super species. What do they always say, most insects will outlast us all, I want to showcase that evolution.

Paper: The Vanishing Forest comprises trees reconstituted from post-production tree products and other recycled materials. The artist explores how things are made, how they decompose, and the effect on the natural world.

I am interested in exploring visually the changes happening climatically and in nature juxtaposed with the presence of man. Transformations and repercussions that we are experiencing NOW, interpreted in oil paint.

Altered landscape