To be completely honest with myself and with you, I do not feel disappointed, panicked, outraged, afraid, worried, depressed, disgusted, crestfallen or fatalistic about the state or the direction of man’s effect on our world. There. I’ve said it. It may not be politically correct or the fashionable way of thinking, but that’s what it is.

My perspective on our earth is that it is too beautiful to even try to describe in words. That my own energy and that of the earth’s are part of the same whole. That every aspect of the natural world is alive and throbbing with vitality. Everything exists in a flowing, ever-evolving connection. Man and earth breathe in unison. We think we’re in a symbiotic relationship, but in reality, the world does not need us. We push at the environment and the environment ultimately pushes back with greater force.

My Overview of the Project—Altered Landscape—A visual trialogue between 3 artists staged as an environment

My Artist’s Vision—I would like to surround the installation with the paintings that express the fierceness and spirit of our environment. I want to express the natural world pushing back.