meeting Boarrds
Fall 2012
What got us here?
One morning at our monthly meeting, as we were savoring our newly discovered addiction, HANDSOME COFFEE, we started discussing the incredible sunset the night before. “Have you seen such colors, the most intense magentas and purples with a strong shot of orange running through the middle? I don’t remember such sunsets growing up.”  After a pause, the three of us said in unison “Oh my god” it’s the pollution”… and a door is opened for us.
We meet once a month to share ideas, set goals, talk about our respective arts, what shows or stores we are in or thinking about getting into. Because we have a lot of common ideas and interests, over time, we decided that we’d like to do a show together.  Before I go any further, let me explain what each one of us does: we call our group Rock, Paper, Paint. Rock (me) a jewelry designer/metalsmith, Paper (Sarah) a papier-mâché artist, who is always asking for packing materials to use in making the most amazing animals, furniture and decorative objects, and Paint (Bonnie) who collects and takes photographs of the sky and transforms them into brilliant landscapes.
That’s who we are—now back to what we are trying to do together. We felt that if we are going to do a group show it should support a cause. By way of background, Paper is also a gardener, an environmentally correct gardener—living in LA you must be conscious of water. She took the lawn out at her house and planted a variety of cacti and natives, creating a new visual landscape. So that kind of got us on the path of a new landscape. The three of us care about our environment, so we starting thinking—what is our effect on the planet?  We have many discussions usually started by me (Rock) because I listen to KCRW on my drive home from work. Always, Warren Olney has done some hot topic show on the subject—alternative fuels, fracking, the melting of polar ice caps, climate change. We don’t understand why it is so hard for people to just get it and at least do the small things to take better care of the world we live in.