Dec./January 2013
What’s our next step?
We are feeling “the environment and our effects on it,” at one of our meetings and start talking about what each one of us can bring to it. Lots of ideas are tossed around—because we are all visual we decided that, for our next meeting, we needed to do visual boards of what we were seeing in our minds. Being three different artists in three different disciplines—how were we going to see it combined together?
The boards we all showed up with at our next meeting were very helpful.  We had similar images and ideas, but Paper pushed the envelope further by seeing a complete, integrated environment. When presented to us (Rock, Paint) we loved it–a complete environment –each with our own perspective.  At this point, we now know we will be creating an installation-type show.
For our next meeting in February—we each must do a few things, write a paragraph describing the environment, compile a list of partners/sponsors. Also as a footnote, not one of us is great at promoting, but we realize that we need to start talking out loud about the project—because the process and our progression through this project is just as important as the show itself.